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The therapy students' scientific group works with the aim to encourage students to constantly explore and deepen theoretical and practical skills in internal medicine and its sub-sectors - cardiology, pneumonology, nephrology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, hematology, rheumatology and other areas related to internal medicine.

Every month from September to May, students prepare presentations on one of the topics of internal medicine and report on the work done at the meeting of the group, followed by a discussion, which is commented by the invited doctor of appropriate internal medicine - RSU lecturer. Practical meetings are also held at the Medical Education Technology Center. In practical sessions it is possible to perform fibrogastroscopy and colonoscopy, echocardiography, as well as to supplement knowledge in the interpretation of ECG, pulmonary RTG, CT, MR and spirography results.

All members and visitors of the group are invited to participate in the events organized by RSU: debates, RSU Health Express, Health Days, etc., promoting public health education. The scientific research works developed within the group are presented at local and international scientific conferences.

All who are interested are welcome to join!

Contact information

Leader of the group

Department of Internal Medicine

Riga East Clinical University Hospital, Latvian Oncology Center

Rīga, Hipokrāta street 4

Room: 2. floor, administration, office manager's office

Phone : +37167042138

E-pasts: anita[pnkts]laizaneatrsu[pnkts]lv