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The Research Ethics Committee evaluates the ethical aspects of medical research. In order to carry out the study safely, it is necessary to obtain the permission of this committee.

The application must be submitted to the Secretary of the RSU Research Ethics Committee Inga Bēniņa at Dzirciema Street 16, Building B, Room 206 on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 15.00 to 17.00.
What documents need to be submitted?


  • Application, in which the required information must be written, as well as the name, surname, date of submission and signature of the applicant must be legibly indicated.

  • Short description(study protocol) about what kind of study, where and how it will be performed, what are its methods (this document must be indicated in the application as an attachement)

  • If a clinical trial is performed with patients or participants, an indication that informed consent of the patient / participant will be obtained, that the principles of voluntary or confidentiality of patients or participants and protection of personal / participant data will be respected (this document must be attached)


How are applications processed?

Meetings of the Research Ethics Committee, where applications are considered, usually take place on the last Thursday of each month. If the application is received after the last Thursday of the month, it is considered on the last Thursday of the following month. There are exceptional cases when the Research Ethics Committee also meets twice a month if a large number of applications have been received. Please note that due to the leave of colleagues, the Research Ethics Committee does not meet in July and August.


Please note that before going to the hospital after the permits it is necessary to receive a positive decision of the RSU Research Ethics Committee and permission to conduct research.


In order to obtain permission from the management of a hospital or institution to conduct research in that institution, access to medical records, its use or work with patients, it is necessary to obtain permission from the person in charge of the relevant institution (in this case, the hospital). RSU Research Ethics Committee does not issue such permission.


You can get acquainted in more detail with the rules and evaluation criteria of the RSU Research Ethics Committee HERE