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Love celebration is also a celebration, and Valentine's Day is a great way to do it. You can attend this event with your other half as well as come alone and possibly go with your real and only one. During the event there is an opportunity to participate in various activities and meet new people.




Erudite event is organized each year to test students' general knowledge of various topics. The topics have been almost about anything, starting from nutrition and ending with just topics as Olympics. The event allows you to escape from your daily routine and rush for a little while and test your intellectual abilities.



The traditional RSU SU Spring Academic Seminar is a one-day event that aims to educate and inform students about current issues affecting the academic environment, raising student competence and knowledge of what is happening in the university. Anyone interested - from the most experienced students to students who have just started their studies and want to know more about their involvement opportunities - can participate.



The Spring Flower Ball is organized to mark the spring season and prepare for the summer season.
Each RSU member, as well as students from other universities, is invited to the ballroom to enjoy live music and participate in activities.



The upcoming Riga Stradiņš University International Student Conference in "Health and Social Sciences" 2020 will be held on 27th-28th March, 2020 at Rīga Stradinš University, Dzirciema Street 16 in Riga, Latvia. This year we mark the 6th time we welcome not only local but also international students from all over the globe to participate with their wide spectrum scientific researches in various fields.

Both local and international students will participate with their research work in various sections of medical and social sciences. Our scientific programme includes oral, poster and case report sessions and students have the opportunity to present in front of an international and professional audience. Along with these student sessions there will be fascinating keynote lectures, plenary sessions and new and innovative hands-on workshops.

This year, we are also hosting a series of fascinating events, including a hackaton and mock-trial, opening doors to new interdisciplinary opportunities for our participants. Along with a rich scientific programme we also have and interesting social programme, filled with different activies, for example, tours and parties giving a chance for all the participants to get to know and have fun with each other.

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RSU SU birthday is one of the most anticipated events of this organization. During the birthday, an annual awards ceremony is held to celebrate the most notable events and major awards of the Student Union.
It is also a time when the Student Union looks back on what has been accomplished in the previous year and notes the achievement of the objectives.


The "Mazpipari" seminar is a two-day spring seminar where every RSU student has the opportunity to participate in raising their competences and gaining motivation and inspiration from a variety of guest speakers. The seminar always has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with a little bit of spiciness coming from the evening - where everyone is invited to develop their creative side and teamwork ability: how? - that remains a secret…



International seminar is a two day seminar not only about integrating internationals and finding new friends, but also about academic, social and cultural aspects that affect both, the local and the international students in RSU.


For two excellent days, not only theoretical knowledge of anatomy, but also practical knowledge in exciting and engaging tasks is being tested. On the first day, the teams show off their homework video, which last year was about an important historical figure in medicine. During the second half of the day, the theoretical knowledge of the teams and their captains is being tested, and various active tasks take place. The second day is the most exciting part of the Olympiad - stages where participants at various stations have the opportunity to prove their erudition and practical knowledge of anatomy.


During the Green Week, RSU students, staff and other interested people are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of practical, interactive and theoretical activities that promote environmental and health friendliness. Participants are given the chance to learn more about the Zero waste lifestyle, waste sorting and attend exciting workshops aimed at raising public awareness of environmental issues as well as informing about greener solutions and alternatives in their daily routines.



This festival is a two-day event for local and foreign students of RSU, as well as university staff and representatives of other universities. It has already become a traditional and highly anticipated active recreation event just before the summer season, during which students and university staff have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports disciplines, team sports, individual competitions, and to spend free time outside studying for get together purposes.




Each summer, RSU SU members meet to talk about and discuss last year's work and plans for next year. As a result of the Strategic Seminar, new material is created, after which the RSU SU Board and Council update the RSU Student Union's Strategy for the new study year.



The first steps of every freshman at the university are alarming. The freshman seminar ZGI gives the new students a chance to find their first insight into the university and get some helpful tips just before starting their studies in late August. The seminar takes place for two days, with useful lectures and cohesive activities. After attending the seminar, the freshmen will definitely be able to start studying with new knowledge and new friends.




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Before starting university, a freshman has to get a "blessing" for a more lively and successful academic year. That's why freshman initiations, or "Fukši", are held every September, during which freshmen have the opportunity to actively relax and gain positive energy between their studies. The event begins in the afternoon with the initiation part of the track and continues with the party part in the evening.




The Autumn Academic Seminar is an annual two-day event that regularly brings together over 60 curious students. During the seminar students have the opportunity to learn more about the study process at the university as well as other up to date topicalities of higher education. Every RSU student is welcome to attend the seminar, both freshman and higer academic year students with an interest in academic issues and topics.



RSU Got Talent is a recently launched event where students reveal their hidden talents. The event takes place for one evening and talents are judged by jury members as well as spectators.

The event creates a great, positive atmosphere with students of different nationalities both on stage and among spectators. RSU Got Talent provides a great opportunity for students to showcase their talents, which are later evaluated in other SU events.



Autumn Night Tournaments is a recently launched four-night project that involves a variety of team sports.
Any RSU student or staff member, as well as representatives of other universities can participate in the tournament.

Each evening usually starts after 10pm and lasts until 2.00pm. In parallel to the sports games, activities take place in separate rooms to complete the participants' free time during the interludes. Autumn Night Tournaments are a great way to spend weekday evenings and get to know new people.




Let's celebrate the holiday's together!

Throughout the week you will find various activities and treats in the university!



The Christmas Ball is one of RSU SU's most notable events, where students and academic staff alike can get the Christmas spirit by dancing to live music, attending workshops and capturing the evening in a photo corner.

The annual ball is held in December and reaches 2000 visitors.