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How to get involved?


Activists are an important part of the SU.  An activist is any student who is interested in student representation, who wants to know more and who does more - visits different working groups and implements his/her ideas, or helps others to implement them.
Every activist has the opportunity to find the direction that is most interesting to him/her and thus to be more active in the field of interest to him.
SU is the place where the activist can come up with their idea and we, the SU, will be the ones to support and help make this idea reality.
Activists have a great opportunity to grow - not only as a personality, but also as a member of the SU, becoming a member of the Council or the Board.

If you want to know more how to get involved in RSU SU feel free to contact Deputy Head of Internal collaboration and Human resources Ance Mistre - Ance[pnkts]Mistreatrsu[pnkts]lv.

As well you can apply and receive the newest info about projects that need a helping hand:

Apply as an activist