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International Students Association

The International Students' Association or ISA is a voluntary student organization established to help promote the integration of foreign students of Riga Stradins University into the environment of other students, as well as to represent the interests of foreign students in as many areas as possible.
The goal of ISA is to improve the life of foreign students at Riga Stradins University, in close cooperation with the RSU Student union the Department of Foreign Students and other institutions

Tasks of the organization:

  • to implement and maintain the integration of foreign students into the RSU community;
  • provide information, advice and, where necessary, appropriate guidance to help students resolve their concerns;
  • to represent the opinions of foreign students at RSU on issues important to them;
  • to coordinate and organize academic events;
  • to coordinate and organize social events;
  • to improve constructive cooperation with RSU students, staff, organizations and various institutions;
  • to promote the interests of RSU foreign students and to promote intercultural understanding.


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ISA Board