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Review of the Integration month 

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In February of this year, the project “Integration month” debuted, in which the Rīga Stradiņš University Student Union (RSU SU) in cooperation with the International Students' Association (ISA) organized activities throughout the whole month to promote a multicultural environment which was aimed as a goal to unite foreign and Latvian students.

The first week of the project was dedicated to learning about the specific features of multicultural music and dance, using techniques such as publishing Spotify playlists compiled by ISA National Associations. In addition to the music to listen to, a list of podcasts was recommended, which encourages young people to consume valuable content.

The second week of the project took place in a romantic mood - just before Valentine's Day we got a new list of must-watch romantic movies.

The following week, we got to know the cuisine of other nations and prepared some traditional dishes, such as tiramisu made in the Italian style, as well as a popular dish in Sri Lanka - dhal curry.

In the closing week, a review of design and fashion in different cultures was organized, as well as discussions about modern trends.

This year the project took place for the first time and when implementing it in a remote format, as an alternative to direct communication, the organizers used platforms such as RSU SP and ISA Instagram, Facebook accounts, as well as the Zoom platform.

For more information check the Facebook page - HERE.