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Emotional support

The RSU Career Centre provides support to all RSU students and graduates in various issues related developing their careers. We offer individual and group consultations, career courses, thematic seminars and lectures.

Services offered

Career consultant

CAREER CONSULTANT - a specialist who advises, informs and educates people on career development issues, provides support in career planning and development, as well as helps to develop career management skills, including job search skills.

Contact a specialist if:

  • you want to find out your interests, wishes, skills, talents;
  • acquire job search skills;
  • prepare a quality CV and letter of motivation;
  • choose the most suitable profession for your personality;
  • choose the most suitable study program and university;
  • plan a further education path;
  • to find internship places;
  • organize work (profession) trials;
  • perform other career development and planning activities.


Psychological support

PSYCHOLOGIST - a specialist with higher education in social sciences. He can help in cases where psychological research is needed, as well as in situations where the client needs short-term psychological help. Psychological counseling is very effective in crisis situations and is more focused on the client's current difficulties or future, but during psychological counseling the origin of problems is studied less.

Contact a specialist if:

  • WISHING to regain emotional balance;
  • to gain or regain confidence in your abilities;
  • to develop communication skills;
  • to deal with the consequences of mental and emotional overload;
  • you want to understand how to find common ground with other people, such as relatives, colleagues, fellow students;
  • to overcome and get rid of perennial complexes;
  • there is anxiety and stress.



SUPERVISOR - a specialist of a certain professional field who has additionally acquired the qualification of a supervisor and who provides a supervision service - purposefully organized consultative and educational support received in an professional context by an individual, group or organization with the aim to improve professional competence and quality of professional activity.

Contact a specialist if:

  • you want to understand your position, actions and emotions;
  • understand the limits of responsibility;
  • understand the other person (customer) better;
  • find new ideas for further action;
  • gain new knowledge and skills;
  • find moral support, prevent professional burnout;
  • respect for ethics;
  • cooperation and improvement of relations between group members.
Supervision is a purposeful and organized counseling process, as a result of which support and assistance is provided to a person in solving work situations and professional issues. The purpose of supervision is to improve the employee's ability and skills to be a good specialist in his / her field of work. In the course of the supervision process, new approaches to solutions of work situations and issues are sought, new work skills and abilities are acquired, and the view on one's professional activity, improvement and development is expanded.
Psychotherapy is not a service offered by the Career Center, but so that students have information and understand the difference between a therapist and a psychologist.

PSYCHOTHERAPIST - a doctor who has a degree in natural sciences and has knowledge and skills in the field of mental and somatic health. A psychotherapist deals with emotional problems and related bodily problems, both those for which Family medicine doctors say "this disease is nerve-based" and those for which emotional factors are just one of the causes. A psychotherapist both diagnoses and treats, and most importantly, if the patient arrives early enough, he is able to prevent some physical symptoms and illnesses. The main method of treatment is deep psychotherapy, but if necessary, other psychotherapy methods and medications are also used.

Contact a specialist if you have:

  • internal discomfort, anxiety, health problems;
  • conflicts in relationships or dependent relationships;
  • vegetative dystonia;
  • depression;
  • chronic pain;
  • complicated situations in the child's life, emotional and behavioral problems;
  • difficulties in adaptation in school or peer environment;
  • violence, loss, death, divorce, grief;
  • internal conflict;
  • panic attacks;
  • feeling of loneliness, meaninglessness, low spirit;
  • the desire to understand yourself and find balance in life, to improve relationships with people and the world around you.
Psychotherapy is a special type of conversation / dialogue, usually between a doctor and a patient. There are different ways to conduct this conversation, but the main feature is that it is patient-oriented. Either by creating new discoveries for the patient about himself or by calling to check the reality of the conclusions already made.
This service is available in ENG at the clinic.
  • Psychotherapist services are paid service for both Latvian and foreign students. Apply for individual consultations and search for more information HERE.
  • Psychotherapy group classes are free. Apply by writing to infoatpsihosomatika[pnkts]lv or by calling the phone +37167625655.
  • The other services mentioned above are free of charge.
If you have any questions, contact the Career Center or RSU SU Head of Social matters!

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