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The RSU library offers consultations and assistance in finding information resources, as well as several database platforms for RSU students.

Consultations and search for resources

Daily consultations on searching for information in databases, etc. c. are available at the Library Information Center, Dzirciema Street 16, as well as at the library branches.

The library also offers to use the planned consultation times at Dzirciema Street 16, room G-204d (prior registration is not required). You can search for specific times and additional information about consultations HERE.

It is also proposed to compile a list of information resources according to the thematic request. This is a paid service, the price for RSU students is 5 EUR.


Databases are a trusted place to find evidence-based publications and resources. RSU students can access the library's subscribed databases remotely using the username and password assigned by RSU.datu bāzes RSU bibliotēkā (9).png

Instructions for using the Scopus® database can be found HERE

Contact information

RSU central building

Rīga, Dzirciema iela 16

Room: G korpuss

Number: +37167409192 

E-mail: bibliotekaatrsu[pnkts]lv


Time of acceptance

+37167409192 (info)
+37167061521 (extension of the term of use of the book)
P.–C. 8.30–20.00
Pk. 8.30–19.00
S. 10.00–17.00