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  1. Find out the position of your lecturer by entering the lecturer's name in the website search engine!

  2. Choose the right type of addressing:

    • Professor - both in e-mail and in conversation address as “professor”. In e-mail abbreviate as “prof.";

    • Associate professor - in e-mail use “assoc. prof. ”, but in the conversation use "proffesor"

    • Assistant professor - “doc.” is used in e-mail, “assistant professor” is used during a conversation;

    • Lecturer - in e-mail abbreviates as "lect.", but "lecturer" can be used in a conversation.


  • We use the word TEACHER to describe a person who can teach something, but at the university the classes are led by the LECTURER.

  • Lecturer = teaching staff, but the lecturer is NOT the same as “Doc”. "Doc." = assistant professor / docent.