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Which type of a council member are you?

For you to have the opportunity to feel in the shoes of a member of the Council, we have created a test in which you can find out which type of Council member is most suitable for you - maybe you are a hater? Maybe a thinker? But maybe a little of each as you are indecisive? These are just 3 of the possible options, if you want to know who you are, take the test!

Find out the results and apply for the Council Elections on October to find out if the results match the truth!


What would be the best Council meeting snack?
What would you choose to do before the Council meeting?
What to take on an uninhabited island?
What is your reaction when someone says - pizza with pineapples?
What type of student are you in the classes?
What is your spirit animal?
What is your favorite movie?
How to understand who is the best candidate in a Council meeting?
In which room should council meetings take place when they are present?
Without what cannot your day begin?
Did you eat sugar bread as a child?
What is your favourite place?
What do you do during the council meeting?
What is most interesting about a Council meeting?
Why will you fill out the application form for Council?
Why will you fill out the application form for Council?
Why will you fill out the application form for Council?
Why will you fill out the application form for Council?
Why will you fill out the application form for Council?
Why will you fill out the application form for Council?
You are a Hater

Youare "Hater"!

Hearts of candides, when they see your raised hand, start beating faster. You will have an opinion on everything (both positive and negative) and you will not hesitate to let others know. You are often the first and last speaker in discussions. You will always ensure that the time for questions and discussions is extended - how else to express all thoughts?

You are Curious

You are "Curious"!

One is to listen and get acquainted with the documents, but something completely different and much more interesting is to ask 101 questions to the candidates during the meeting. You are also extremely interested in all the board reports, why each of the board members has done what is stated in the reports. You are not interested in discussions or presentations, but you will always be ready to ask a catchy question to find out why a particular candidate says what he says.

You are Grammar Guru

You are "Grammar Guru"!

You are not so interested in discussions or presentations as going trough the whole board report and submitted documents to the last detail to find a non-comma-based participle. Candidates' grammatical errors in their motivation letters will significantly affect your vote.

You are a Talker

You are "talker"!

You always move everyone, during the breaks you do not only manage to taste all the buns and cookies, but also have a word with each council member. You are the one who wants things to always go smoothly and forward. If you are asked about extending the time for discussion, you always say no.

You are a Thinker

You are"Thinker"!

You are the one who always reviews the documents, comments, listens actively, but in the council meeting you choose to keep quiet, because you are not able to ask your question, as you think about what you want to ask over and over several times. There is so much to ask! It is also important for you to understand not only what you want to ask, but also what other councilors are doing and why they are doing so. You’re slow, careful, but very often punctual, but rarely anyone knows.

You are Council entertainer

You are"Council entertainer"!

While others engage in active discussions, you go through your "Instagram" account, looking at pictures of cats and memes. From time to time, you will also poke the gossiper sitting next to you and the wonderer sitting in the back to show your findings. You are the most active member of the Council in Whatsapp chat, from time to time you shoot a joke about what is going on in the Council meeting or throw a sticker you just made with one of the Council members.

You are Indecisive

Tu esi "Neizlēmīgais"!

It's really hard for you to understand what others want, not even what you want. Before the council meeting, you may have reviewed the documents or you may not have done so. You are a part of everyone - you are a bit of a gossiper, a bit of an entertainer, a bit of a grammar guru. In turn, the recommendation is just for you - apply for the council elections, because you will know who you will be only when you become a member of the council