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Science Month 2021 is an annual project organised by RSU SPthat calls for students to discover and become more familiar with the innovative side of science. This year the Science Month will take place in October and will consist of five events inviting everyone excited by science, innovation and the latest technology.

The Science Job Fair (6th October)

During the first event of this year's Science Month, both local and foreign students will familiarise themselves with extensive engagement opportunities in faculty departments and scientific laboratories. Their representatives will provide advice in the form of interviews on how to start and carry out scientific activities, as well as on the possibility of obtaining milestones in volunteering or even working.

Artificial Intelligence 101 (13th October 16.00)

If you want to expand your knowledge horizon in an interesting way into one of the fastest growing fields in science – artificial intelligence, then you must be involved in both informational and practical tasks during this event. You will also get some tips on how this knowledge can be applied in studies and career.

Science Hackathon (22nd–23rd October)

Challenge yourself in a hackathon where, within 24 hours, your team needs to create and realise an idea of solving the problem that has been raised in a creative and scientific way! Participation in this event will certainly not only be educational and experience-rich, but you will also be able to cooperate with students from other universities!

Additionally, if you want to participate, but you lack experience and are worried, you must first plan to participate in the Pre-Hackathon event on 15th October 17.00, where you can take the best advice from experienced participants and upgrade your teamwork skills!

Closing event–panel discussion (27th October 16.00)

Do you believe in science? Come and get a public opinion on why it is worth trusting science, in the final event of the Science Month 2021.