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Vote in Council elections!

Just as every year when autumn has arrived, a new cycle begins not only in nature, but also in Riga Stradins University Student Union. This year from 8th of November to 12th of November every student of RSU is invited to vote in RSU SU Council elections.

RSU SU Council consists of 36 elected members of the Council, representing all faculties and the International student deparment. By logging in, each student will be able to get acquainted with all the candidates for the Council member position of their faculty! Students will be able to vote FOR, AGAINST or ABSTAIN until 12th of November at 23:59 EET. We would like to remind you that the vote is anonymous.

Vote for the RSU SU COUNCIL MEMBERs OF 2022!

Get acquainted with the candidates of each faculty

This year’s division of RSU SU Council mandates: