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Social Support Funding

Social Support Funding is an idea that emerged at the end of 2020 after more than half a year of online learning and the struggle for student support in a pandemic. When the idea was approved, the work and planning period began, as a result of which the first open application for funding was announced on April 12, 2021.

In order to provide support opportunities to the widest possible range of students, any RSU student can receive Social Support, regardless of whether they are studying in fee-paying or state-paid study places. This funding helps to provide students with a quality and accessible study environment at RSU, supporting both the purchase of technical equipment for study needs (for example, a webcam), which is especially relevant during distance learning, and the financing of health services or equipment related to improving the study environment or quality (for example, purchase of spectacles or an occupational therapy pad, visit to an occupational therapist).

In order to rationally and fairly manage the evaluation of applications, a support commission has been formed for a year, representing both the RSU SU Board and Council, as well as the position of Financial Administrator. During the evaluation of applications, by individually examining the need for support and the amount of expenditure, Social Support funding may be granted up to 150 euros. The currently announced application will run until June 16th.

To apply for support, be sure to first read the Regulations for Granting Social Support Funding, which you can find HERE, and when you have prepared the application with all the necessary documents, send it to RSU SU Head of Social Affairs Alise Agnese Rozentāle by e-mail address AliseAgnese[pnkts]Rozentaleatrsu[pnkts]lv . Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

RSU SU believes that every effort to reduce the consequences of Covid-19 in the study environment and to support as many factors as possible that affect the quality of studies is important, so we sincerely hope that this support will provide students with the necessary support and motivate to promote results and achieve goals!