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Autumn is associated with change and a new beginning for everyone. Autumn is also a time of change in the activities of the Student Union, as the annual elections of the Student Union Council are taking place. As usual, also this year, from October 26th to November 6th, every RSU student has the opportunity to run in the RSU Student Union Council elections and introduce new inspiration in the student representation.

The Council is a platform for growth opportunities, where you can not only attend meetings and have the right to vote in them, attend working groups and express opinions in them, make decisions on amendments to regulatory enactments, and approve and monitor RSU SP budget and Board work, including electing various students. representatives, such as faculty councilors, senators, and engage in various projects and events both as an activist and as an organizer. Just like any student, Council members can come up with their own ideas and suggestions to improve the study process and environment not only in their own faculty, but also in other faculties.

RSU SU Council consists of 36 elected members of the Council, representing all faculties including the department of foreign students. Only students of his faculty or department vote for a particular candidate for a member of the Council. According to the number of students in each faculty and department, the number of available mandates or voting members of the Council is determined proportionally.

This year the distribution of mandates of RSU SU Council is:
International Student department - 6;
Faculty of Medicine - 5;
Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare - 5;
Faculty of Rehabilitation - 4;
Faculty of Law - 4;
Faculty of Communication - 4;
Faculty of European Studies - 3;
Faculty of Pharmacy - 2;
Faculty of Dentistry - 2;
Faculty of Residency Studies - 1.

Become part of the 2021 Council, bring changes to RSU SU and challenge yourself! Apply for the position by filling in the questionnaire by November 6 at 23:59, going to!

Don't miss your chance!


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