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Chance to earn some money by teaching private lessons

Almost everyone has heard that the distance learning process has had bitter consequences for acquiring the subjects. Both students and pupils are affected, but the second ones experience much more problems because they have not yet developed the self-discipline needed to study at home.

Students are more affected by another side effect of restrictions - unemployment. Some students do not have the opportunity to find work, as most of the sectors in which students were previously able to work without problems are now paralyzed and suspended due to the pandemic.

How can students earn a living in these circumstances and pupils close the knowledge gaps? The answer is quite simple - mutual cooperation.

This time is a great opportunity for students, as most of them have a good knowledge of one or more of the subjects that the younger generation is currently struggling with. In turn, the parents of the younger generation are actively looking for helpers for their children - private teachers. And this demand is growing significantly.

The association "Youth Latvia" has created a platform where private teachers, including students, can place their advertisements free of charge, while children or their parents can easily compare these advertisements and find the most suitable option for them. The association invites every student who has such opportunities to lend a hand in solving the problem. Whether on a voluntary basis or with a desire to earn, students can certainly make a major contribution to strengthening the quality of education in these difficult times.

It is possible to submit an advertisement - (in Latvian).