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For students

RSU online radio

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Get ready because on November 26th you will have the opportunity to hear the radio of Riga Stradins University for the first time, which was created in cooperation with the “Uzņēmuma Online radio”! You will be given a great opportunity to participate in creating and enjoying content of the RSU online radio!

Every student, lecturer, graduate and employee will have the opportunity to send in their favorite songs, which they want to share for all university friends and colleagues to hear.

It is always nice to receive greetings, but receiving one on live radio doubles the joy! Therefore everyone will have the opportunity to delight their university friends with live radio greetings by the help of RSU radio.

What is more, all of those who feel brave enough will have the opportunity to send in a voice recording with a personalized greeting. Who doesn’t want to hear their voice on the radio, right?

Of course, a personal greeting to a fellow student or colleague is definitely not imaginable without a song dedicated to the receiver, so the decision of the song will be in your hands!

What if you miss a live broadcast? No need to worry, because you will always be able to find and listen to live replays on the archive, and most importantly - at a time and place convenient for you!

Listen to live broadcasts, take part in a radio call game and win great prizes!

See you on the radio on November 26th

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