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RSU SU Council has been elected!

On November 14, the closing event of the Rīga Stradiņš university (RSU) Student Union Council elections took place online, where new members of the Student Union Council were announced after a two-week application and a week-long voting. This year, 1,625 students voted for the Council elections.

Remotely RSU Rector prof. Aigars Pētersons welcomed the new Council and wished successful cooperation among all students. Afterwards, gratitude was expressed to each member of the 2020 Council, senators and the board, as well as a presentation on the achievements of the Student Union last year was shown.

In 2021, 36 active and determined students have been elected to the Council, representing nine faculties and the Department of International Students:

  • From the Department of International Students - six representatives: Markus van Niekerk, Leila D'Amico, Irina Mariotti, Julius Prisett, Nicolo Bartolomeo, Simon Vogel;
  • From the Faculty of Medicine - five representatives: Amanda Ozola, Anna Kricka, Toms Mārtiņš Smilga, Edgars Ķiecis, Kalvis Kaļva;
  • From the Faculty of Pharmacy - two representatives: Iluta Žīgure, Rinalds Seržants;
  • From the Faculty of Rehabilitation - four representatives: Dāgs Gabriels Zībergs, Krista Kīna, Laima Kampa, Lauma Tumašova;
  • From the Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare - five representatives: Amanda Zūle, Anastasija Kuzmenko, Arturs Jirgensons, Signe Zutere, Viktorija Daļecka;
  • From the Faculty of Dentistry - two representatives: Andželika Gladkova, Anastasija Beibakova;
  • From the Faculty of European Studies - three representatives: Ingvars Kudeikins, Laura Žaklīna Bukša, Rūdolfs Kārlis Krauklis;
  • From the Faculty of Law - four representatives: Elīna Bērziņa, Unda Kreišmane, Ernests Ozols, Kristaps Balkovskis;
  • From the Faculty of Communication - four representatives: Patrīcija Lielnora, Paulis Artūrs Putniņš, Elīza Paula Vegnere, Monta Megija Učelniece;
  • From the Faculty of Residency Studies - one representative: Dagnija Verze.

The first meeting of the Council will happen on 25th of November!