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The Biochemistry Interest Group is meant for those students who are interested in gaining more in-depth knowledge of practical medical issues relating to biochemistry, such as various metabolic diseases, hormone imbalance disorders, inherited or acquired enzyme disorders, drug interactions based on human genetic material, biochemical markers and their changes in specific diseases.

The interest group holds theoretical sessions several times a year, in which each student can choose the most interesting topic to prepare a presentation on. The sessions are held in an informal atmosphere (you can take coffee and sweets for yourself and others).

Members of the group have also had a great opportunity to improve their practical skills in the Biochemistry laboratory and to carry out their research, which can be presented at the RSU Student Scientific Conference.

Contact information

Interest Group leader


Department of Human Physiology and Biochemistry

RSU main building

Rīga, Dzirciema street16

Room: A-405

Phone: +37167061550

E-mail: cfbkbirojsatrsu[pnkts]lv