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Radiology is a branch of medicine based on the use of various imaging techniques in both diagnosis and manipulation, and sometimes in treatment. Radiological examinations are practiced by doctors of all fields, it is an important part of diagnostics for most diseases. Therefore, future doctors of all specialties are welcome to attend the group, because we learn about rare and specific topics, as well as situations and conditions that are often observed in everyday life.

The Radiology interest group is a place not only for radiology enthusiasts, but for all those whose future is related to diagnosis and treatment. It is an opportunity to meet and repeat anatomical knowledge in an interactive way, to discuss different clinical cases and possible differential diagnoses, as well as to present the prepared reports, trying to give other listeners a broader insight into research methods and image interpretation.

Contact information

Groups e-mail: radiologijas[pnkts]pulcinsatgmail[pnkts]com



Departament of Radiology

Riga East Clinical University Hospital, "Gaiļezers"

Rīga, Hipokrāta street 2

Room: RSU study center administration

Phone: +37167547139

E-mail: rakatrsu[pnkts]lv