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The RSU Oncology students' scientific group started its work in 2017 with the aim of providing future doctors with expanded knowledge and helping to enrich the experience of oncological diseases.

Starting with the new academic year, theoretical meetings will take place every month within the group, where the participants of the group will be able to expand their knowledge and participate in discussions with oncology specialists.
Theoretical sessions consist of a presentation made by a member of the group, based on guidelines adopted in Europe. The presentation describes in detail the principle of treatment of oncological diseases, including conservative, surgical and radiotherapy. Appropriate mentors will be invited to each meeting of the group, who will share their experience in oncology. The group includes practical meetings, which tend to strengthen students' knowledge and develop practical skills. At the end of the year, a group Olympiad "Golden TNM" will take place, where every student will be able to test their knowledge and abilities in oncology.

The oncology group was created due to the rapid development of oncology science in various fields, which are related not only to the introduction of new drugs, but also to the study of diseases from a genetic and molecular point of view. Therefore, the group will provide support and opportunities for students to carry out scientific work under the guidance of oncology specialists, help to generate and implement the desired ideas.  

We invite not only future oncologists to participate in the meetings of the group, but also everyone who is interested, because future specialists in any field may encounter malignant tumors in their practice.

Contact information

Leader of the group


Departament of Internal diseases

Riga East Clinical University Hospital, Latvian Oncology Center

Rīga, Hipokrāta iela 4

Telpa: 2. stāvs, administrācija, biroja vadītājas kabinets

Tālrunis: +37167042138

E-pasts: anita[pnkts]laizaneatrsu[pnkts]lv