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The dermatovenerology group is intended for everyone who has a deep interest in dermatovenerology.

The members and visitors of the group have the opportunity to participate in theoretical and practical sessions, where experienced and knowledgeable mentors can supplement their knowledge and learn about the latest developments in dermatovenerology, gain experience by speaking in public and participating in discussions, as well as acquire practical skills.

Within the group, students can take the first steps in science by developing scientific research works under the guidance of dermatologists. Also, joint meetings with other student scientific groups are held every year, emphasizing the importance of a multidisciplinary approach in the treatment and diagnosis of dermatovenerological diseases. The group has also established a successful international cooperation with the Vilnius University Dermatology Group, with which joint meetings are held every year.

By attending the dermatovenerology scientific group, members and interested parties not only provide reports on their chosen topics and acquire clinical skills in dermatology, but also gain new contacts and the opportunity to participate in organizational processes in various dermatology-related events (Young Medical Academy uc). At the end of the school year, students have the opportunity to test their knowledge of dermatovenerology at the Olympiad.

Meetings, in which everyone is welcome, are held on average once a month. Their topics, venue and time are published on the group's Facebook group page.

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Department of Dermatology and Venereology

Department of Dermatology and Venereology

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Room: III floor, 308.

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