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Medical simulation student interest group is involved with research in the area of medical simulation associated with education and practical training in various fields of medicine.

Members of the group can take part in both theoretical sessions where they can acquire the basics of medical simulation design and design simulation scenarios, both in practical sessions where members of the group enact scenarios in a practice, making use of RSU Medical Education Technology simulation equipment, will conduct research using scenarios that have been developed and put into practice, as well as prepare scientific publications on this research, under the supervision of group mentors.

Members will have the opportunity to attend theoretical sessions where they will be able to acquire the basics of research and development of simulation, as well as get answers to questions that may arise.

Meeting times, location, themes and latest information is published on the group's Facebook page.

Contact information

Interest group leader


Department of Clinical Skills and Medical Technology

Medical Education Technology Center

Anniņmuižas bulvāris 26a, Rīga

Phone: +37167061573

E-mail: infocentrs-mitcatrsu[pnkts]lv