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Students from various study years attend the Neonatology Interest Group, which was founded in 2015, in order to learn more about this paediatric field. 

During the year six theoretical sessions are planned, each of which is devoted to one of the topical issues of neonatology (development of premature children, genetic pathologies).  At least two students make their presentations keeping with the topic of the meeting at each session; later the presentations are discussed under guidance of an expert. 

Members of the interest group have the opportunity to develop their research work in groups, bringing together students of different study years, as well as to get acquainted with professionals working in the field.

Contact information

Interest group leader


Department of Paediatrics

Children Clinical University Hospital

Rīga, Vienības gatve 45

Phone: +37167621730

E-mail: pk-officeatrsu[pnkts]lv