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The scientific group of ophthalmology students unites the youngest and oldest students of the Faculty of Medicine with an interest in in-depth study of ophthalmology from both theoretical and practical points of view.

Meetings are held at least once a month, in which the members of the group introduce the listeners to a certain topic in ophthalmology in the form of presentations. In order to promote understanding, provide comments on the presentations, as well as participate in the discussion, each meeting is attended by the mentor of the group prof. Guna Laganovska, doctors and also resident doctors. A joint meeting with another scientific group is also held during the academic year.

Once a semester, in practical meetings, the members of the group can get acquainted with the opportunities offered by the PSKUS Clinic of Ophthalmology - examination methods, cataract simulator, learn anesthesia and suturing skills in ophthalmology. In the group, students learn how to properly measure intraocular pressure with Icare, determine visual acuity, while in practical sessions it is possible to try USG, OCT (optical coherence tomography) and look at the slit in the anterior part of the eye and determine interstitial width.

Since 2015/16.  academic year, the annual Ophthalmology Olympiad is taking place with the aim of stimulating students' interest in this field of medicine, as well as giving them the opportunity to test their knowledge.

At the end of the study year, the scientific research works of the sixth year students of the Faculty of Medicine take place, as well as the election of the new leader of the group.

The members of the group, with the support of mentors, develop many different research papers, which are highly valued in students' scientific conferences.

Contact information

Leader of the group


Departament of Ophtalmology

P. Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital

Rīga, Pilsoņu street 13

Room: 25. korpuss, II stāvs

Phone: +37167069549

E-mail: oftalmolkatatrsu[pnkts]lv