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The pediatric group unites everyone who cares about children and their health.

Every month during the academic year, the members and visitors of the group meet together in theoretical sessions covering various pediatric sub-sectors. Our goal is to gain an in-depth understanding of disease diagnosis and treatment tactics, as well as successful problem solving. At the meetings, the members of the group present a review of the scientific literature on the topic and compare it with a real clinical example.

We cooperate with other students' scientific groups and organize joint meetings. Once a semester, a practical meeting is organized at the RSU Medical Education Technology Center so that the members of the group are ready to react quickly in acute situations. Simulations are played out together with knowledgeable specialists, which makes us think about the most appropriate action and evaluate the effectiveness of rescue measures.

Participation in a pediatric group provides students with the opportunity and support they need to develop research. We want every student to find a suitable specialist who is interested in cooperating.

Once a year we go on an outing - we visit regional hospitals to get acquainted with pediatric profile departments and work opportunities in the regions, as well as visit pediatric enthusiasts here, in neighboring Lithuania. An annual tradition is the Pediatric Olympiad organized by the Pediatric Club, which is a great challenge for all medical students. It is an opportunity to test your knowledge of catchy issues and demonstrate skills in practical tasks.

The group is actively involved in the creation of various events - together with the Latvian Pediatric Association, we organize a conference dedicated to the International Children's Health Day for students and industry specialists. We are also involved in the Academy of Young Doctors organized by RSU. As part of the “Health Hour”, the activists of the group enthusiastically lead educational classes for the patients of the Children's Clinical University Hospital and their parents. Since 2018, the group has been actively participating in the creation of the Knowledge and Safety campaign - it is an educational event for children and their parents, which gathers an ever-widening circle of interested people every year.

You can get acquainted with the latest information on the group's Facebook page.

Contact information

Group e-mail: pediatrijaspulcinsatgmail[pnkts]com

Leader of the group

Departament of Paediatrics

Children Clinical University Hospital

Rīga, Vienības gatve 45

Phone: +37167621730

E-mail: pk-officeatrsu[pnkts]lv