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In order to gain broader knowledge in the respective field, the Pharmacology Interest Group was founded in 2017 with the aim to bring together those students who are interested in gaining more profound knowledge of the effects of medication on the organism based on the in-depth research of pathogenesis.

Every year at least 6 theoretical sessions will be held. The students will present reports prepared on the topics of their interest in pharmacology or on the topics that are not considered during classes, thus extending their knowledge of issues beyond the curriculum. Everyone will be able to engage in discussions, ask questions and get answers to questions that are of interest.

Within the interest group, everyone will have the opportunity to develop research work which might be further presented at the international student conferences. In the second part of theoretical sessions, the members of the interest group and the visitors will be able to focus more on science and help other students with setting goals, questions and tasks. This way everyone will get an understanding of how to develop a research paper or will get advice and help on the research work that has been commenced.

We are kindly looking forward to all interested!

Contact information

Interest Group leader


Department of Pharmacology

P. Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital

Rīga, Pilsoņu street 13

Room: 4. korpuss

Phone : + 37167613517

E-mail: farmakologijaatrsu[pnkts]lv