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The goal of the Sexology Interest Group is to enable students of various specialities to gain a broader knowledge of human sexuality, sexual relations, various manifestations of human sexuality, as well as provide insights into the types of sexual disorders and sexual abnormalities, causes of their occurrence, diagnostic and treatment possibilities.

Theoretical sessions of the group are organised seven times per academic year, practical sessions - twice a year. During the sessions there is an opportunity to listen to reports prepared by other members of the interest group, to engage in discussion and to ask questions of interest to the professionals of the field. It is possible to develop research papers within the interest group.

Contact information

Interest group leader


Department of Psychiatry and Narcology

Riga Psychiatry and Narcology Center

Rīga, Tvaika street 2

Phone: +37167080131+37167080133

E-mail: pnkatrsu[pnkts]lv