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Dentistry is a medical field that deals with the research and diagnosis of diseases of the oral cavity, jaw and its adjacent structures. Students of both the Faculty of Dentistry and the Faculty of Medicine, who are deeply interested in the relationship between the oral cavity and the symbiosis, diagnostics of various diseases of the oral cavity and surrounding structures and disease prevention, are welcome to join the group. One of the primary goals of the group is to encourage and assist students with their research on various subjects involving both medicine and dentistry.

Within the academic year, 9 theoretical and 3 practical meetings are planned for the group, which will take place under the guidance of the best professionals of their fields in Latvia. At each meeting, the members and visitors of the group will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and education about the newest and most important topics both in dentistry and medicine, to acquire and improve their practical skills. It is also planned to have co-meetings with other scientific groups, giving students the opportunity to expand their range of knowledge.

You can follow the current events of the group on the group's Facebook page, as well as by receiving an e-mail of the group's current events.

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