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The Microbiology Student Interest Group was established in 2017 with the aim not only to unite the students with a deep interest in the specialty of microbiology, but also provide and disseminate the latest information that will be useful for every future doctor in their clinical practice.

The following topics are discussed at group sessions: the latest vaccines, their role in disease prevention, the role of human immunity and microflora in the origins of various diseases, development of antimicrobial resistance of microorganisms, its prevention, etc.

Students have the opportunity to listen to their colleagues’ presentations on current issues in microbiology, to take part in discussions and to ask a certified professional questions. Students will have the possibility to work on their own and to find out the data on an issue of medical microbiology, which will be presented at the interest group session. Each member of the interest group can conduct research in the RSU Department of Biology and Microbiology laboratory.

Practical sessions of the interest group are held once a month, and several practical sessions are planned, where members of the group will have the opportunity to independently cultivate and identify the microorganism being studied.

Contact information

Interest group leader


Department of Biology and Microbiology

RSU main building

Rīga, Dzirciema street 16

Room: B-303

Phone: +37167061584

E-mail: bmkatrsu[pnkts]lv